Neglected Pets Getting Adopted!

October 5, 2018

All 36 pets rescued from a squalid hoarding situation last month are clean, groomed and healthy, and half are now in homes of their own and doing well, like Nemo with his adopter, right.


“We still have five in foster homes and four at the shelter, waiting to meet you,” said Samantha Fairweather, assistant director of Animal Welfare.” All are showing improvement behaviorally and are settling in well.”


Still waiting at the shelter for homes of their own are the pups Merriweather, Pauley, Tonka, and Red, and two barn cats, Scar and Simba. Five other small dogs and three bunnies are still in foster homes and will be made available for adoption soon. Please visit these precious pets at the shelter to find out if they are a good fit for your family!


The community has been so generous to these scared, neglected and under-socialized pets, who were living in a vacant house and caked with their own waste. Animal lovers sent donations for their care, veterinary clinics and groomers volunteered their services, and foster parents and adopters came forward to make the animals feel safe and loved.

Nemo’s adopter, right, reports that he excitedly greets his family at the door, loves cuddling and sitting on his dad’s shoulder like a parrot, and is learning potty training and how to navigate steps. As you can see, Nemo is enjoying his new fall sweater.