Halloween Safety Tips

October 24, 2018

Halloween is a fun holiday for people, but costumes, candy and candles can be a downright nightmare for pets.

The number one precaution you should take at Halloween is to keep your pets indoors and away from the door, preferably in a closed room with their favorite toys and blankets, with soft music playing.

Frightened pets can bolt through the door, and Halloween night is no place for a scared pet wandering loose. Before the holiday, make sure your pet has up-to-date identification with a license, tag and microchip so they can be returned to you if they are lost.

Here’s some other important tips to keep Halloween from spooking your pets:

Pet Costumes – Costumes are not fun for most pets, so if you get a stressful reaction, or your pet is uncomfortable or restricted in any way, take it off. A festive sweater, collar or leash is a better choice for most pets. This is not a time to take your pet out trick-or-treating or to a street party, where there can be loud noises and scary costumes. Take a picture of your pet at home instead, and the results will be better for everyone.

People Costumes – Many animals are terrified by the masks and costumes that people wear at Halloween and could cause them to run or cower in fright. It’s hard to know how your pet might react to a particular costume, so keeping them away from the ghosts and goblins at the door is the best bet.

Halloween Candy – Commercial candy will give your pet a tummy ache, and chocolate can be toxic and even fatal. Many dogs will ingest chocolate, wrappers and all. Keep the candy stowed where pets can’t reach it. Let the children know to keep their candy stash in a safe place, away from pets. Can your vet immediately if you suspect they have eaten something they shouldn’t have.

Jack-O-Lanterns and Wires – Candles in pumpkins and hot wax pose a hazard to wagging tails and playful pets, who can knock them over and cause a fire. Keep these away from pets, as well as any other electrical decorations that move or make noise.  Keep ornamental corn or squash out of sight, as nibbling them can cause a bad tummy ache.

By taking a few precautions, you and your pets can have a happy Halloween!