Kitten & Puppy Season is Here!

June 7, 2018

Summer is on the way, and kitten season (and puppy season) is in full effect! May was busy, busy, busy with dozens of puppies arriving at the shelter, and more than 200 kittens in KHS foster homes… and we’re just getting started!
Hundreds of puppies and kittens will need our help (and yours!) this spring and summer. Our top “wish list” items for caring for all these cuties?
You can check out the Amazon Wish List for Kitsap Humane Society for even more items to help the animals in our care.
Want to get involved in a more hands on way? Consider joining our foster team! Temporary, short-term foster homes are needed for nursing mother cats and their kittens, nursing mother dogs and their puppies, and orphaned kittens and puppies (eating on their own, as well as ones needing bottle feeding) Want to learn more? Come to our Foster Care Orientation on June 9th!  You can learn more and register at