Homes Needed for Longtime Pets

June 12, 2018

We Go the Extra Mile for Pets Needing Special Homes

At Kitsap Humane Society, we pride ourselves in being the “little shelter that could.” Despite our outdated facility, our staff and volunteers accomplish amazing things. We know our community is counting on us to save lives – not just of puppies and kittens, but also the lives of animals who need a little more support during their shelter stay or finding a special home.

We want to share with you two pets at KHS right now who we’re working tirelessly to support until we find them new homes. We can’t do this work alone, though. Please consider sharing these special pets with your friends, families, coworkers and neighbors. Together, we can give them the happy endings they so deserve!

Meet Fats!
Time at KHS: 301 days & counting
How we’ve gone the extra mile: Fats arrived at KHS with bad knee issues, and required specialty orthopedic surgery and months of post operative rehab and physical therapy.  He is now all healed up! 

Best thing about Fats: When he gets ready for bedtime, he “makes his bed,” which can be up to 20 minutes of adorably arranging his blankies until he’s created the perfect nest.

Personality type:  A total ham for attention and life of the party. Fats will provide you with endless entertainment – from wiggling, to kisses, and lots of showing off his toys.

Skills: Knows sit, and is house trained and crate trained!

Ideal home: Fats is looking for a home with someone who loves kisses, doesn’t have cats or kids under 10, has a fenced yard, and can’t wait to meet their new best friend.

Learn about adopting Fats!


Meet Edgar!
Time at KHS: 233 days & counting

How we’ve gone the extra mile: Edgar was so scared and stressed out at the shelter he would barely move – even when given office space, or other special kennel locations. So he went to foster care indefinitely to make sure he is kept happy and stress-free out of the shelter while he waits for a home. Our staff and volunteers wear “Ask Me About Edgar” buttons and have a slideshow of his cutest photos on display in the Cattery.

Best thing about Edgar: He is a biscuit-making machine! Edgar loves to “knead” on your lap and his bed when he’s happy. His loud purr lets you know it!

Personality type: Wallflower who blossoms into your new best friend!

Skills: Pro at using the litter box, skilled at bird watching, expert snuggler!

Ideal home: Edgar is looking for someone who doesn’t have other kitties or kids and will pet him while he eats his wet food and scratch his cheeks while he makes lap biscuits.

Learn about adopting Edgar!