Be a Hero & License Your Pet!

January 24, 2018

Did you know that 75 percent of lost pets never make it back home? That’s because they are missing a collar, tag and license.  Pets who are licensed and wearing their tags can easily be returned home, whether they are found running loose by a good citizen, an animal control officer, or brought to a veterinarian’s office.

If you love them and don’t want to lose them, please license them!

Last year, 731 lost pets were returned to their owners by Kitsap Humane Society, primarily because they had ID. By licensing your pet, you’re increasing the chance they make it home to you.

Kitsap Humane Society is the licensing agent for all of Kitsap County’s cities, municipalities, and unincorporated areas. It’s easy to purchase, renew, replace and revise your pet licenses by going to the Pet Licensing page at If you have further questions or want to license your pets at the shelter in Silverdale, please contact Kitsap Humane Society at 360-692-6977 ext. 1134 or e-mail

Licensing your pet not only increases the chances you’ll be reunited with your pet, it’s required by law throughout the county. And a small portion of the proceeds goes toward sheltering, feeding and caring for lost pets at Kitsap Humane Society while we work to reunite them with their families.