Port Orchard Feral Cats: How You Can Help

December 10, 2014

We’ve all seen them — free-roaming cats, outdoors, in all kinds of weather. Sometimes they are solitary strays, but often they gather together in feral cat colonies, taking advantage of food sources such as dumpsters. In Port Orchard feral cat numbers are growing: There may be as many as 2,200 un-owned outdoor cats within the 98366 zip code area alone! To combat this growing problem, Kitsap Humane Society now has a free spay/neuter program to help humanely reduce the number of feral cats in Port Orchard, while improving the health and quality of life of those remaining. The Port Orchard Community Cats program is a Trap / Neuter / Return (TNR) program offering trapping and transportation assistance and free spay or neuter surgeries for South Kitsap outdoor cats. Port Orchard residents within the 98366 zip code area can borrow our humane traps, get instructions and/or help trapping feral cats, and can even get transportation assistance (if necessary) to bring the cats in for surgery. These cats receive free spay/neuter surgeries as well as free rabies vaccinations, and then get to go back to their established outdoor habitats to live out their lives. If you want to help reduce the number of outdoor cats in your Port Orchard neighborhood, let us know where they are! You can contact the TNR program coordinator at 360-536-2668 or email communitycats@kitsap-humane.org to get more information or report a feral cat colony.