Snapshots from Slate

July 20, 2012

Meet Slate: He’s a real winner.

In fact, we recently named him
shelter employee of the month!
Slate has definitely earned some
time off, so we rewarded him with
a relaxing kennel break vacation
hosted by a KHS volunteer.

While he was away, he kept us
updated on his adventures. These
are just a few of the snapshots Slate
sent from his doggie destination.


































A good time was had by all, including Slate’s volunteer host, who said:

“Slate was a dream houseguest. He was well-mannered and even learned to use the doggie door in no time! We had a great time taking walks, meeting new friends and visiting local shops.

He could use a little leash training and sometimes gets excited while playing, though he responded well to verbal correction during the days I spent with him. Slate showed that he is smart and eager to learn.

But his favorite thing to do is hang out with people! He spent a lot of time outside relaxing on the deck or in the grass while I went about my usual business. And he always wanted to stay close.

I would be happy to host Slate again anytime, but I really hope he finds his forever home soon so I don’t have the chance!”