She was more than just a number

October 19, 2011

7876. This was her intake number from the second time she was here at KHS. Letty, a beautiful Pit Bull Terrier, had been here previously and was stolen from us. We thought we would never see her again. She was found months later emaciated and tied to a tree- she had been used as a bait dog in dog fighting. She was brought to us, given a new intake number, and started her long road to recovery. She loved and cherished everyone she met. She wagged her tail, smiled, and slid down onto the ground to be pet each time she was approached. She inspired people to give to her medical fund to help with her recovery and dental work. She was a breed ambassador.

After Letty recovered, she met her new family and her journey began. But this part of the story has already been told. Letty has another one to tell. “I was here for a reason. I was a survivor. I had a will to live and an ability to forgive. While people were the reason for the scars on my face, I still loved and trusted each one of you. My foster mother showed me that people could be good. They could be compassionate. And they could love me like their own child. I met Randy and Dannielle one day at the Kitsap Humane Society. They adopted me, took me home, and loved me as a family member. I had my own bed for car rides, and they bought a bigger bed at home so I could sleep in it with them! Randy even carried my pink backpack when we left the house. I loved them so much. They gave me the best six months of my life.

About a month ago we all got to go to Animal Krackers to tell my story. The staff at KHS made a video about me, and asked people to donate to the Medical Rescue Fund. This was the same fund that helped me to recover and get my teeth fixed. And guess what? People donated! Because of their generosity other animals will have a chance too. Today my family had to take me to the veterinarian. The veterinarian said my liver was failing due to blockage, my blood pressure was 11% (35% is normal), I had fluid in my abdomen, and they found a large abscess around my liver. Diagnostic results led them to believe it was not cancer, but due to the size of the abscess I required surgery, and it was possible I would not make it through it. The vet explained she believed the infection was present for quite some time, caused the abscess, and was the result of a puncture into my liver from a long time ago. 
My parents had a huge decision to make. My mom bent down and asked me, “Letty baby, what do you want me to do?” I wagged my tail at her. I’m a survivor, after all. I wanted them to try.

I passed away this afternoon on the operating table, but I was here long enough to leave my mark on the world. I was brought here to teach you all how to love, how to forgive, how to give, and how to survive. After all, I did it, and it is inside each one of you. Focus on the wonderful time I had with my family. Please don’t get lost in playing your memories on rewind. Talk about me without falling apart, and continue to share your love. I hope you have learned from me, just as I have learned from you” Animal intake ID #7876- Her name was Letty. She was more than just a number. She was a survivor. We learned from her, and we will forever love her.

Heather Kite, Shelter Director