In Honor of Letty’s Life and Her Parents

October 19, 2011

By now most of you have learned our beloved Letty (Scarlett) passed away unexpectedly October 18th, 2011. She was brought to a local vet clinic at midnight, advanced to critical condition within hours and was unable to recover from surgery. She passed away later that afternoon.

She was a vibrant pit bull and animal abuse survivor. Despite her past exuded joy, full of life and love. She was renamed Letty by her foster mom, and in Latin means joy, but to many of us she was known as Letty the Survivor. Her abusive past never tainted her spirit and she found the ability to continue to love humans. Letty’s strong will and strength made it impossible for those around her to know that for over the past year, Letty had an internal injury, causing infection and an abscess to grow that would later infect her liver. For Letty, in comparison to the abuse and cruelty she had previously endured, I’m not surprised an abscess wouldn’t have made her flinch. Local vets believe it was caused by a puncture to her liver a long time ago. Over time the abscess grew and despite an attempt to remove took her life.

Letty’s KHS family is forever indebted to Dannielle & Randy for giving Letty what we couldn’t – a home, unconditional love 24/7 and lap to lay her head on. Her family treated her like their child, and for many of us here at KHS, our children are those that have four paws. I personally saw them at Petsmart & Petco multiple times shopping for Letty, something her family may not know. I remember one time in particular at Petsmart, Dannielle & Randy had a shopping cart full of goodies for Letty. I could see their joy as they shopped for Letty and debated on the best toys, much like a family with a new born would, only this was two months later. I remember thinking, Letty is luckiest dog to be apart of this family. It was peaceful to know she was now enjoying and experiencing a life that all animals should. Letty’s family spared no expense to save her life.

Her last few month’s were spent with people who loved her, visits to her second family at KHS and stole the spotlight and hearts of many attendees at Animal Krackers less than a month ago. She had the opportunity to bask in love great enough to fill and entire ballroom and enough attention to make up for her earlier life of neglect. My belief is she survived long enough to tell her story to all of you. Her spirit and memory will live on through the animals assisted and saved through our Medical Rescue Fund, providing second and third chances for future animals at KHS.

I won’t forget what her adopted mom said to me the morning Letty was fighting for her life, again. “We needed to make a decision. I looked into Letty’s eyes and asked her Baby, what do you want me to do?” She starred back at Dannielle and wagged her tail in her own to say she won’t give up, but if it doesn’t go well her tail wagging and soulful look was to thank them for finally making her life a great one.

Thank you to those who made a difference in Letty’s life. Our condolences go out to her adopted family, foster mom and the entire KHS Volunteers & Staff.

And to Letty, your life was short but not without purpose and love. Your memory will live on through our hearts and mission. You endured the ugliest that man has to offer and came out stronger. You greeted everyone with a smile, a wag and if close enough a sloppy kisses. Your survivor instinct was an inspiration to us all, our only regret was you left the world too soon.

Stacey Price, Director of Animal Welfare