What can you do to save a life?

August 8, 2011

At your typical animal shelter, life saving takes on many, many forms. Sometimes lives are saved through surgery, sometimes through training, sometimes they are saved with the right words to a visiting client. Every time, it takes unique individuals. Stop by any community and ask about the local animal shelter. Chances are you’ll hear about the animals. So often though, we also miss the good stories of the PEOPLE who arrive. We believe the goal of any animal welfare organization is to provide transforming experiences! On the one hand, our animals need to experience compassion, structure, prompt service. They become transformed through our work. Well, it’s not very different for the people we meet. Our goal at Kitsap Humane Society is to provide each client with a transformative experience. Our motto is that great customer service saves lives! Adopters, donors, volunteers, surgery clients, students in our programs: They are each transforming animals and animal welfare in their own unique way. They each leave with their own experience and share with another. Animals are the reason we exist, but people are the secret to success. Experiencing animals, the power of a team sharing one vision, and experiencing the joy of helping others are the experiences that transform us here. Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome. What can you do today to save a life? Think about your experiences and share them if you already are our friends, we’d love to hear your stories too! Thinking about adopting or another KHS program? A great way to get to know us is to stop by, talk to one of our volunteers in private, they’ll tell you the real story! Come experience for yourself the excitement, pride and compassion you can see in their eyes and simple daily acts. So, today let’s save a life by sharing our experiences with others! Your next life-saving adventure may be a point, click, text or smile away. Our animals thank you for it.