Calling all Kitsap Alumni: Please Come Home

August 8, 2011

There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!! Kitsap Humane Society is calling out to all our folks who once lived in this amazing region and we need help reaching them. So many of us have moved around in this fast-paced world, and we know a great portion of you personally understand the magic of this area. You have lived here, you have shared our successes, you have shared our community. Perhaps you were one of our incredible individuals serving in the armed services, having experienced one of the top requested duty stations in the US. Perhaps you grew up here and moved on to the big city. Maybe you stopped through on a visit and realized that people actually live in all this beauty on a daily basis. However you experienced Kitsap, we are calling you back because there’s No Place Like Home. Who says you can’t go home? Well, on September 10th KHS is celebrating Homecoming 2011 at the Kitsap Fairgrounds. Please reach out to those you know from our area using Facebook, e-mails, and any other way you know how! Homecoming is KHS’s annual Adopt-a-thon and Festival in conjunction with the Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club, Inc. We have so many surprises waiting for you, we doubt you’ll even recognize our shelter. You’ll be amazed when you learn what KHS is up to with the ASPCA Challenge and an incredible increase in life saving on the Peninsula and beyond. Here in Kitsap, people remember you. Come on back, it’s time to catch up. See you at Homecoming!