Love the postcards but want something more?

August 31, 2011

Well, for those of you so inclined there’s an even stronger resource for preventing lost pets. Like technology now available for children and family members at risk, you now have the ability to locate them in times of emergency. All that is required is a simple collar. This technology is not only great for the home, but for those traveling or outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters and mushroom pickers..of which we have many in Kitsap! It can help track pet thieves, and can even help you if you are lost yourself! Check it out: So, the next time Max claims to be at a friend’s slumber party or church group Friday night, all you have to do is click and check! Mushroom picking season is upcoming and we expect our fall to be dry and beautiful this year for hikers of all sorts. The Kitsap Search and Rescue team has reported that these groups can be the most likely for getting lost in the woods. Imagine if you were found because of your dog’s collar?