Homes urgently needed for 6 barn cats

July 16, 2011

We are in desperate need to find homes for approximately 6 barn cats and need our community’s help. Please spread the word to family and friends who may have a barn and are willing to care for a feline friend. We are looking for cat lovers who have a barn or other secure outdoor structure and are interested in adopting cats that are not suitable for life inside a house or are unhappy living inside. Cat temperaments range from feral to friendly. This program is designed to find homes for cats that have traditionally been deemed un-adoptable through our “normal” adoption procedures. We have approximately 6 cats we are trying to save, but recognize that keeping them at our shelter for an extended period of time will be less than humane and will in the long run cause them more stress. A donation for adopting a barn cat is suggested in an effort to continue the program, but not required.


Cats that are placed into our Barn Cat Program fall under three main categories:

·         Cats whose litter box habits are not consistent enough to be inside-only cats and/or have
lived or spent time outside per their previous owners.

·         Cats that were found as strays and may be too independent to appreciate living in a house.

·         Cats that are shy/fearful of people and prefer the company of other cats and animals.


Interested parties can respond to