Be a Responsi-Bull Pit Bull Owner

July 8, 2011

Due to the incredible success of the previous offerings of The Responsi-Bull Project, four animal welfare organizations have partnered again to sponsor the program this summer to encourage responsible pit bull ownership, and ultimately lower the euthanasia rates of this breed currently facing an epidemic of homeless.
A three-part program, The Responsi-Bull Project includes FREE spay or neuter, a FREE responsible pit bull ownership workshop and FREE obedience classes for pit bulls and their owners.

In addition, the Responsi-Bull Project has expanded and is now being offered in both Pierce and Kitsap Counties!

In the early 1900’s, the American Pit Bull Terrier was so respected for its loyalty, intelligence and determination that the U.S. military chose an image of this iconic breed to represent our country on war posters. Today, due to irresponsible owners exploiting the very characteristics that once made pit bulls an All-American breed, they have become the most abused and misunderstood dog breed in history. Despite their top-rated temperaments or their once respected status, pit bulls have become the breed of choice for many irresponsible people, and consequently are flooding animal shelters. An estimated one-third of dogs entering our shelters are pit bulls or pit bull mixes. Ninety percent of those dogs will not find homes.

Part I: Pit-Fix
Beginning in June, for a limited time, owners of pit bulls can have their dogs spayed or neutered free of charge at Kitsap Humane Society. To schedule an appointment, e-mail or call (360) 692-6977. E-mail is preferred. A picture of your dog and surgery application must be e-mailed to or mailed to Kitsap Humane Society, 9167 Dickey Rd. NW, Silverdale, WA 98383 – Space is limited.

Residents of Pierce County should contact HUMAnE Spay and Neuter Clinic in Tacoma or e-mail or call (253) 627-SPAY for information on how to get their pit bull fixed at no cost.

Part II: Pit-Ed
Do you want to combat the misconceptions about the pit bull breed? Worried about the breed-specific Legislation changes proposed in the Puget Sound? Tired of seeing people shy away from your beloved pit bull? Learn the “do’s and don’ts” of owning this amazing breed and help restore its family dog image. Attend a FREE Responsible Pit Bull Ownership Workshop hosted by Kitsap Humane Society on Saturday, August 6, from 11a.m. – Noon, at Kitsap Humane Society’s on-site Training Center. Space is limited, please register by emailing

Residents of Pierce County should contact or click here for more information on the workshop and training offerings.

Part III: Train-A-Pit
Kitsap Humane Society will be offering a four-week basic obedience class for pit bulls that is FREE to those who complete the class. You will be asked to pay a $40 registration fee and every week you attend you will receive $10 back. Attend all 4 classes and the class is FREE (normally a $150 value.) Classes will be offered Saturday mornings starting August 6. Don’t miss this great opportunity to teach your dog new tricks! Contact Deana at to register. Space is limited and will be reserved first come first serve.