Getting to Know Scarlet

February 1, 2011

Here is an update from Scarlet’s foster mom:

As of last week Scarlet now weights 42lbs., though she could still stand to gain a little more weight, as her ribs and spine continue to show. She’s been dreaming of a better life as she “runs” and makes little woofing sounds while sleeping. She tends to fit in 11 -12 hours of sleep per day and does her fare share of snoring while getting some R&R. She is the quintessential love bug – full of wiggles and tail wagging.

Scarlet will let her foster mom know if someone is at the door, although her bark is rare and soft. For the first few days she never made a sound or barked at anyone even when the doorbell rang or while construction workers were at the house. After all she’s been through, a little bit of noise is the least of her concerns.

She loves to be outside while her foster mom is working on the yard but can’t be out very long – she gets cold and has to go in to warm up. She is a particular gal that prefers to do her business outside when it is not raining, although sprinkles are okay. Scarlet is a smart girl who loves to train (actually she loves to eat and training to her means getting very good things to eat). She knows basic commands such as “wait” – she will sit and wait for her food until told “take it.” She also knows the hand signal for down. Her leash skills continue to need work; sometimes she pulls and sometimes she does very well.

She remains interested in other dogs but does not bark at them, just watches with interest. When she sees other dogs – either while out walking or looking out the window – she is alert but does not bark and sometimes whines. She enjoys rides to the post office and rides in the car well. Scarlet typically looks around a bit then just curls up on the seat and sleeps. Scarlet has no appetite problems and is not a big fan of veggies but does like apples – and of course peanut butter. She has no food protection/aggression issues and has not had any accidents in the house. She has been allowed free roam of the house but prefers to be by her foster mom’s side. She loves stuffed toys and tennis balls but destroys them if allowed.

Scarlet has settled into the routine and seems to enjoy just hanging out. She will take a belly rub or a snuggle anytime! She will make someone a very lucky family.