A Day in the Life of a KHS Foster Family: Petey the Tripod; Day…we lost track!

January 3, 2011

I could watch Petey and Bruno play all day long! They lunge and flop and do somersaults all around each other. Petey will grab Bruno’s feet and legs and Bruno will nibble on Petey’s sides. They both make similar growly noises as they roll around on the floor. Sometimes they get tired but don’t want to stop so they will both lie down and proceed to paw at each other and bite each other’s noses. It never gets old.

Brett & I will look at each other in these moments and sigh. We will remind each other that we are FOSTERING Petey and that if we keep him, we won’t have room to foster another dog in need. Each time Petey runs up to me with a smile and a wag, I have to remind myself of that fact.

He is still fearful of quick movement and new people but calms down much faster. He survived a Holiday dinner with our family and even got curious enough to come and park it in the corner near the dinner table. He has enticed Sierra to play on numerous occasions but still has to win over our local Grinch, Peppe. We have work to do with him and he has work to do with us!

We have already failed as a foster family with Peppe (he came as a foster and has never left…). We must not fail with Petey! There is a great adult only family out there with other dogs and time to spend with him. There is a family out there that needs Petey and it is our job to find them.

It will be a bittersweet day for us when he leaves… Our lawyer is working on a visitation arrangement as we speak!


Molly & Brett