A Day in the Life of a KHS Foster Family: Petey the Tripod

December 4, 2010

Ever wondered exactly what it is like when a family takes in a foster dog or cat? This blog will detail our family’s experience taking in a Medical Foster Dog from the Kitsap Humane Society. Check in for frequent updates! Day 1: We brought Petey home from the shelter yesterday. Petey is a young male German Shepherd mix who escaped his family’s yard and got hit by a car. Because he was so skittish and was hurt, it took them 2 days to catch him. By that time, his leg injury was so bad that they had to amputate. Losing a leg put Petey in a state of shock. Being in a shelter environment while trying to recover put him into severe shock. He would not leave his kennel on his own and had to be carried outside. Even then, Petey could not walk far on a leash. Poor guy would scoot into the bushes and park it until the volunteer came in to pick him up and take him back to the kennel. We talked it over as a family and decided that we wanted to help Petey adjust to his new status as a three-legger. We have 3 kids and 3 dogs already so maybe our “pack” could bring him out of his shell. We also have a very loving, calm German Shepherd that we were pretty sure would guide Petey in the right direction. Petey hunkered down and pressed his head into my arm for the whole drive from the shelter. He didn’t want to leave the safety of the car when we got home so we decided to gently lift him out. We then let him meet each dog individually and needless to say, he and Bruno the GSD hit it off famously. Sierra, our Australian Shepherd Queen of the House wasn’t so sure, but she tolerated his sniffing. Peppe the Bichapoo alternately sniffed and growled but he is a bit cranky with everyone. After actually hopping into the house and settling in downstairs, we could see a tiny bit of the super dog he could be with patience, training and a lot of love. What’s next? After we brought him in from outside and he pooped right at the bottom of the stairs we knew what we were in for! Pee-Eeew! First step is definitely house-training! We’ll let you know how it goes! Molly & Brett