Help a Dog become a Hero

November 4, 2010

On average it costs a minimum of $30 a day to shelter, house, feed and keep a dog healthy while in our care.

When you adopt a pet from KHS, they leave spayed/neutered , vaccinated, treated for fleas and microchipped for a total value of approximately $350. Our donations and adoption fees help curb these prices in order to care and place more pets in forever homes. We often receive questions as to why some of our pets’ prices vary. Although our first priority is to find homeless pets’ families, as a non-profit we rely heavily on funding to keep our adoption fees down and make our pets more accessible to the public.

Other factors that determine a pet’s price are demand and availability – for example, purebreds and small breed dogs. These pets are priced accordingly and are considered the shelter’s “Hero” pets. KHS uses the additional funds generated from our Hero breeds to support and aid in the care of pets’ whose stays are longer, medical needs are greater and for those who may face emergencies. These rare pets help curtail these costs and save the lives of others. They have the prestigious honor of being known as our KHS “shelter heroes.” Additional funds raised by adopting a Hero pet from KHS opposed to a breeder, craigslist or pet store support the care of an additional 1 – 4 shelter pets.

Adopt a pet, save a life…today!!!