Got Skills? We can use them!

November 29, 2010

There are so many ways you can help animals in need in your community. There are opportunities to walk dogs or socialize cats but there are also many other tasks that may better suit your skills or lifestyle. Do you like to take pictures, make videos or have a background in graphic design? How about using those skills to highlight the animals most in need of publicity? Have experience writing grants? KHS is a non profit organization that relies purely on donations, so grants are a vital source of income. Skilled grant writers are worth their weight in gold! Are you adept at interacting with people and helping them make decisions? How about being a lobby attendant or front desk helper? Do you like to clean (yes, there are people like that out there!)? We can always use volunteers who help clean kennels and cat cages. Do you have experience in veterinary services? The Veterinary team at KHS needs experienced vet techs to help with all sorts of tasks. Another vital volunteer position at the Kitsap Humane Society is that of foster family. In order to become the shelter it is meant to be; one where we can rescue, rehabilitate and re-home all adoptable animals, KHS needs people willing to open their homes to those most in need. Being a foster family requires a serious commitment to not only the animals, but the mission of KHS. It truly is a labor of love. It can be tiring, thankless and heartbreaking. Imagine though, being a part of helping an animal get on its feet and watching him/her find a forever family. That experience is priceless. The animals that come through our doors depend on us to give them time, attention and care. The staff and volunteers do their absolute best to take care of each animal’s needs. Sometimes though, an animal is simply not going to do well in a shelter environment. Unfortunately, we do not have enough volunteers willing or able to be foster families at the moment. This is where you come in. Whatever your skills, we can use them. Please be on the lookout for our next session of volunteer orientations. They will begin again after the New Year. As always, thank you for supporting KHS. Molly Timko KHS Lead Volunteer