KHS Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program

July 20, 2010

Kitsap Humane Society’s efforts to stop euthanasia of homeless animals have intensified in 2010. As of this July, Kitsap Humane Society Low Cost Spay/Neuter program has altered 840 community pets which is a service offered to the public at a very low cost. Our goal is to deliver a minimum of 1200 spay and neuter surgeries to the community by year’s end.

The objective of the program is to reduce the number of unwanted animals killed each year by spaying and neutering ( or “fixing”) thousands of pets at a low cost (between $20-$70) to the public, contributing to a crisis of human and animal suffering.

In both national and local surveys, the cost of spay/neuter surgery is consistently listed as the main reason why people choose not to alter their pets. By providing spay/neuter surgeries at a low cost, KHS will help pet owners who are unable to afford the spay/neuter surgery, which can cost hundreds of dollars. Many do not realize that spay/neuter surgeries have many unsaid benefits. On average your pet will lead a healthier life, at much less risk for certain cancers, infections and behavior issues.

Euthanasia and adoption have been the traditional methods to deal with the overwhelming supply of dogs and cats. But KHS believes that euthanasia is not the answer to solving pet overpopulation, prevention is.

Facts About KHS Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program:

  • Due to state law, KHS is not able to offer full veterinary services to the public. The current program is run by a licensed veterinarian and supported by local volunteer veterinarians as well as 3 full time vet technicians committed to reducing pet euthanasia.
  • KHS was founded in 1908 and is a private, non-profit animal welfare organization. We receive no money from national humane societies, and KHS receives no tax dollars or government funds to support the Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program; therefore, is heavily dependent upon private donations. The purpose of the low cost program is to save the lives of thousands of animals, as well as thousands in tax payer dollars which are currently used to round up and shelter these pets.

Facts About KHS’s Low Cost Spay/Neuter Impact on the Community:

  • In addition to reducing the pet population, we also keep the community safer by providing affordable vaccinations for diseases, including some transmittable to humans.
  • Eighty percent of pet overpopulation comes from as few as 3% of pet owners who can’t afford the cost of spay/neuter surgery. At our clinic we are able to provide affordable pet identification, which has helped us reunite nearly 1000 pets each year with their owner at no cost to the public.
  • Ninety percent of our clients will never see a veterinarian again, therefore, this is the one chance for them to receive the help they need at a low cost.
  • Over 30% of dogs entering shelters are pitbulls, a maligned breed suffering from human mistreatment. KHS offers special options for pitbull owners: Ask about our free pit fix. In 2009, KHS altered 100 pitbulls for the year. In 2010, altered 89 in one month for community animals free of charge.
  • Have a litter of animals already? You qualify for free surgery, please contact us immediately!
  • The number one, most costly issue for the county is free roaming cats. Have you seen one recently? We offer special programs for cats with or without homes.

How To Help:

Spread the word, KHS offers low cost spay and neuter for those who qualify (please see income restrictions). Applications can be found at the front desk or online at under “Pet Services – Low Cost.”

TO BECOME TRULY INVOLVED….please consider sponsoring someone else’s surgery to help end the cycle of suffering!! Please select “Donate” to give today!!