Calling all Equestrians!

March 3, 2010

Kitsap Humane Society plans in November to begin a winter food bank program for horses in need.

In cooperation with Harmony Farms, hay will be purchased to be provided to qualifying low income households. Households in need of hay are welcome to apply for the program.

Currently the human society only has enough funding available to purchase 1 month of hay feed for 6 horses. Donations are greatly needed to help horses through what is expected to be one of the worst winters yet for horses. Dollar donations are kept in a restricted fund for this program only.

The history of Kitsap Humane Society centers around the formation of the society in order to protect abused and neglected draft horses. In keeping to our tradition and roots, we hope to continue to provide the despritely needed welfare for horse in need. The food bank program is the only safety net for hores that would otherwise starve or require rescue and placement services. Please consider donating your resources as fellow whorse lovers to this cause.

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