Dog Attack in Kingston Leaves Local Woman Hospitalized

March 1, 2016

On February 28, 2016, Animal Control Officers in Kitsap County responded to a 911 call for a possible dog fight or dog bite on Granada Court in Kingston, WA. When the Animal Control Officer arrived on the scene it was learned that a woman had been attacked by a dog. Kitsap County Sheriff’s Department had already been on scene and the victim, a resident of the neighborhood, had been transported to the hospital for treatment. Animal Control Officers were able to collect evidence from the scene, and took two dogs into custody. The owner of the dogs was identified and reached later that day. Because the victim was no longer on scene, and was unavailable to be interviewed at the time, and the details of what happened were still unknown.

On February 29, 2016, Animal Control Officers were able to make contact with the victim, who is still in an area hospital receiving medical care for her wounds, which include a broken arm and deep lacerations to her legs. The victim explained that two dogs from a neighboring house had escaped from their yard on the morning of the attack and had come into the victim’s yard. At that time, both dogs were friendly and the victim had no trouble interacting with them. After hours of the dogs being loose in the neighborhood, the victim decided to try to return to the dogs to their property, and attempted to push one of the dogs back through the hole in the fence it had escaped through. At that time, the dog turned and began to bite the victim’s legs and arms and tear at her clothes and the victim had to take protective steps to get away from the dog. The second dog was not involved in the attack.

The dog that attacked is currently being held at Kitsap Humane Society on a state mandated bite quarantine for 10 days, after which he will be euthanized. The owner of the dogs will face additional enforcement measures, including a site inspection and citations.

To report an animal control or cruelty incident or file a complaint involving a domestic animal, call 911.