Meet our August Puppuccino Pals Sponsor, Jessica Neice of Evergreen Home Loans

August 2, 2023

A huge thank you to our August Puppuccino Pals Sponsor, Jessica Neice of Evergreen Home Loans!

“My passion is helping people become homeowners,” said Jessica. “Growing up, my family, along with many others, struggled to make ends meet. The effects of financial instability pushed me to want to learn as much as I could about money management as an adult. So, I did just that! I want people to know that homeownership is attainable. With my background in finance and personal life experience, I aim to help anyone and everyone reach their home financing goals!”

When asked why she chose to support the pets in need at Kitsap Humane Society through our Puppuccino Pal Sponsorship Jessica said, “My husband and I are animal lovers. We have two rescue animals from KHS, a border collie mix named Cinder and a calico cat named Luna. The unconditional love we share with them is truly special. Plus, the veterinary care, training, and adoption center that KHS provides has made our lives even more fulfilled. So, we give back in any way that we can, whether it’s volunteering our time, donating to the cause, or promoting their adoption site. This facility helps to improve the community and that deserves support!

“Pet ownership and homeownership go hand in hand. There are many renters out there that have put off owning a pet because of large deposit requirements or because pets are simply not allowed in a rental.  That is why I believe that a partnership with KHS could truly benefit our community. If more people can own a home, then more people will have the freedom and ability to adopt a pet from KHS. It is a win-win for everyone!”

Well said Jessica! If you’re looking for trustworthy help in securing your home loan, contact Jessica at 360-979-4515.