Help Us Clear the Shelter!

August 28, 2023

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Mike Bush, Director of Communications
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Silverdale, WA – Construction is currently underway on a number of new projects at Kitsap Humane Society (KHS), including a new low-cost veterinary clinic, a livestock holding barn, and renovation of its Admissions building. While they’ve been able to distance the animals in their charge from much of the construction noise, the Admissions renovation will greatly affect the canine holding space, with the noise potentially causing fear and anxiety in the resident dogs. For that reason, KHS is asking for the community’s help in rehoming some of the larger dogs, between September 1 and 17. The public can help in the following ways:

Adopting a dog – In order to make way for construction and protect resident dogs from the stress that all the noise will cause, KHS is waiving all adoption fees for adult dogs over 40 lbs. from Sept 1 to 17. You can view adoptable dogs at

Fostering a dog – Whether it’s long-term, short-term, or just for a day-trip, it’s a rewarding way to show your support of KHS and provide a temporary home while construction is underway. Visit to learn more about fostering.

Sponsoring an adoption – If you don’t have the room for another pet, or are allergic, or simply can’t adopt or foster right now, you can still help by donating and offsetting KHS’s budget losses due to the waiver of fees during this time. You can donate by visiting

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