We’re Proud to Share Mid-Year Highlights!

August 1, 2019

We’re halfway through 2019, and proud to share the way your support has enabled us to provide innovative programs and services that are improving the lives of people and pets in our community!



Launched the Pet Protection Program, which provides temporary housing and care for cats when their owners need help due to illness, hospitalization, domestic violence, or job loss. We plan to include dogs in this program in the coming year.




February & March

Rescued 246 rabbits from a Poulsbo home, the most animals ever admitted to KHS from a single case. The heroic effort included assistance from adopters, foster parents, volunteers, and donors.





Raised $74,000 from 486 donors – more donors than any other nonprofit – in the 2019 Kitsap Great Give, a huge demonstration of community support. Launched the grand opening of our new, 4,000-square-foot Dog Play Yard, named after generous donors Cody Allyn, David Ferguson, and Pat and Bob Barbarita.





Launched Kickin’ it with K9s, a phenomenally popular program that allows community members to take shelter dogs on day trips to parks, beaches and trails to reduce their stress levels, as part of a national study. So far, shelter dogs have gone on 315 outings with Kickin’ It volunteers





Celebrated PetsWALK a month early to avoid the heat of July, and the event was more successful than ever, raising $60,000 for the animals in our care





Crossed the $6 million mark in fundraising for our $8.5 million Pet Lifesaving Capital Campaign, and are preparing for Grand Opening of the new Pet Adoption Center in September!