Pet of the Week – Bruiser

December 27, 2018

Meet Bruiser (81222)! He is a gentle black and white cat with a sweet personality. He loves receiving affection and playing with toys! His favorite toys are balls, fake mice, and laser pointers. Bruiser would greatly benefit from a calm and quiet home where he is free to lounge around in an empty window sill, or in a cat hut/tree. He is an absolute love that enjoys chin scratches and will purr so loud for you when he is feeling happy. Bruiser needs a home without kids under 10 (too scary!) as he needs a dedicated adopter who will give him space and time to settle in into his new environment. As a senior fellow, Bruiser’s adopters will need to be able to take him in for regular vet visits to ensure he stays healthy as he ages. If Bruiser sounds like the perfect fit for you, come in and meet him today! You can meet Bruiser and other adoptable animals at Kitsap Humane Society, open six days a week.