Lost Pets now on our Website!

March 16, 2018

Technology upgrades help reunite lost pets!

Thanks to a grant from animal welfare organization Maddie’s Fund, Kitsap Humane Society has been able to add some exciting new technology to our website that will help owners reunite with their lost pets! Starting March 1st, the Lost and Founds Pet page of our website  now features a display listing the photos and basic details of any lost pets currently on “stray hold” at the shelter. Check out an example of what the page looks like:


Each listing will include the town and zip code of where the animal was found, as well as approximate age, sex, and any distinguishing features or collar the pet was wearing when it arrived. The updated web page will allow owners who have lost their pet to see recent arrivals to the shelter from the comfort of their home and confirm if their missing pet is at the shelter. Our hope is that this technological upgrade will mean that more lost pets are reclaimed by their families, more quickly.


If you have lost your pet, it is important be proactive and thorough in looking for your pet as soon as possible. When a lost pet arrives at Kitsap Humane Society (brought in by someone who is not the owner), its photos and details will be listed on Lost and Found Pets page, but animals are only listed there while they are on their legal hold period. Once those few days have passed, they will no longer be listed as a stray/found pet. For that reason it is very important that in addition to just checking this website, owners also make frequent trips to the shelter in person to look for their pet, and utilize social media to alert the community that their pet is missing.


Kitsap Humane Society thanks Maddie’s Fund for their generous support of this project and the award of an Innovation Grant. The Maddie’s Fund® mission is to revolutionize the status and well-being of companion animals. Maddie’s Fund  Innovation Grants are helping to fund projects at shelters, independent rescue organizations, non-profit clinics and TNR groups across the country that advance lifesaving and ultimately guarantee a healthy home or habitat for all dogs and cats.