Pet of the Week – Magpie

May 3, 2017

Adopt Magpie (ID 61712)! Magpie is a gorgeous, young, sweet kitty looking for a loving forever home. She is approximately 10 months old and currently in foster care. Magpie is a gentle, loving kitty who will make someone a great companion. She got her name because she makes the cutest little bird chirping noises when she meows! She has the softest, silky coat and beautiful big golden eyes. Magpie can be a little shy in new places and with new people, but with just a little coaxing and comfort she blossoms into a fun, cuddly girl. Magpie’s favorite thing is to flop down by your side and ask for tummy rubs and chin scratches. She is a purr machine, and will melt into her kitty bed with any petting. Magpie also loves to play! Her favorite toys for “hunting” are tin foil balls, fake mice, and feather wands. She is very fast and will zip up, down, and all over in pursuit of a good toy. Magpie loves her cat tree and will spend hours snuggled toward the top of the cat tree watching out the window at birds, the weather, and everything else. She has lived with another kitty before and with slow/proper introductions would likely do well in a multi-pet home. When Magpie arrived at the shelter her mouth was in awful shape and our vet was concerned she may have to have most of her teeth extracted. Luckily medication and TLC in foster care have helped Magpie’s mouth heal very well, but she does have juvenile gingivitis and may face gum/dental issues in the future. She will need daily tooth brushing (yes! you can brush a cat’s teeth!), but as she ages will need regular veterinary care to make sure her mouth is in good shape, and possibly may need tooth extractions at some point in her life. For this reason she is looking for a dedicated adopter who is committed, and financially able, to providing needed veterinary care throughout Magpie’s life. She is an amazing kitty who will reward her adopter with unconditional love, laughs, and snuggles in return. Magpie is currently in foster care, if you’re interested in adopting Magpie, please e-mail