Baths and Burritos

June 30, 2016

KHS has had some pretty cool fundraisers recently!

Bathe to Save, a national fundraiser traveling around U.S. for 18 months and working with local shelters to raise money by washing dogs. Bathe to Save hopes to wash 25,000 dogs and raise $1 million for animal shelters!

Bathe to Save joined KHS at Fathoms of Fun in Port Orchard Over the weekend of June 24 and washed around 20 dogs, raising $300 for KHS! This event even received the attention of local news station, King 5 News (see the article here:

Thank you Bathe to Save for your support! You can learn more about Bathe to Save here:

From baths to burritos, KHS has been the recipient of a lot of community support! On Tuesday, June 28, the Silverdale Chipotle hosted a fundraiser for KHS where 50% of the night’s proceeds were donated to KHS. Nearly $500 was raised! Thank you to everyone who attended!

If you are a business owner interested in partnering with Kitsap Humane Society, please send Rebekah Johnson, Kitsap Humane Society’s Events and Outreach Manager an email at We greatly appreciate the support of our community.