Put a Sticker on it! NEW KHS Bumper Stickers

March 16, 2016

Kitsap Humane Society has some NEW snazzy bumper stickers for sale.


We don’t suggest feeding the stickers to goats, but they make excellent models.

You can show your adoption pride, help us save more lives and spread our message throughout the community by purchasing one of our snazzy bumper stickerand they are only $5.00! There are two designs available, both are removable and waterproof!

Don’t have a car or prefer your car to be sticker free?  You’re not left out, there are still plenty of ways to use one of our super cool bumper stickers. May we suggest some other fun ways you can use your bumper sticker

Place your KHS bumper sticker on:

1. Your Lap Top!


Take your support of KHS to work, the coffee house, the library or anywhere you’re typing
up your future novel.
Being a removable sticker, this is a great place to share your support of KHS!

2. Water Bottles!


Carry your water bottle everywhere you go? Slap a KHS sticker on there! Pirate the dog approves!

3. Day planners and work portfolios!


Nothing spices up a day at the office like a reminder that the
cute sticker on your planner helped a homeless animal.

4. Office doors


Let your coworkers know you support KHS, and make them jealous with your cool door decor.
Soon everyone will want one, you’re such a trend-setter, and a generous one at that.

These are just a few suggestions and only the beginning of different fun ways you can use your KHS bumper sticker (put it on a filing cabinet, your mailbox, a guitar case, etc.).


Order yours online today or swing by the shelter and purchase one at the front desk! Remember, if you can put a bird on it, you can put a sticker on it!


We don’t recommend putting stickers on your pets either, especially cats, they get really vindictive about it.

Buy yours HERE and show your support!

It’s not just a cute bumper sticker, it benefits homeless animals too!