Add Sweetness To Your Life With Hershey

November 19, 2015

Hi, my name is Hershey (Intake #33648) and if you’re looking for a dedicated lap dog, then I’m your guy! I may be funny looking with big ears, a plump body and a long skinny tail, but shelter staff and volunteers love me regardless. I love to spend all day on your lap and I love to play with my toys. For such a little dog, I have a big personality. I can be nervous with new people and in new situations, but I bond quickly and love “my” people. I don’t like to share my food with new people and I’ll mark in a new house until I get on a routine. I’m looking for an adult-only home that is committed to working with my personality and challenges. I’m currently hanging out in a staff member’s office, so ask the front desk if you’re interested in me. You can meet me and other adoptable animals at Kitsap Humane Society, open six days a week.