Thanks to our generous Kitsap community for meeting the need for canned dog food!

February 1, 2013

On Thursday, KHS posted a request for donations of canned dog food on its Facebook and Twitter feeds. By mid-day Thursday, the KHS lobby was looking like a pet food store. Hundreds of cans of dog food as well as bags of dry food, cat food, dog beds and more arrived from generous donors. Local businesses placed orders for monthly deliveries of canned dog food. Thank you so much! Our dog food policy is that we purchase bulk dry dog food from a major supplier with a shelter discount and we feed all the dogs the same dry food. We don’t buy wet dog food in bulk but need a supply of it because: 1.It’s mixed with dry food to make it more appealing for some dogs, 2.dogs who arrive scared and hungry sometimes won’t eat anything but wet food, 3. wet food is good for hiding meds. We don’t use one particular canned food brand. Our budget for wet food is limited so we decided to try asking the community for help, and wow, did you come through. THANKS AGAIN!