Our Mission, Our Vision

June 12, 2012

I’m proud to share our remarkable accomplishments in the first quarter of 2012 vs. 2011:

 Intake of new animals was up 38 percent from 882 to 1,220.
Adoptions were up 47 percent from 604 to 885. 
 Spay and neuter surgeries were up 162 percent from 350 to 918.
 Euthanasia remains below 6 percent.

When I arrived in February as the interim executive director, Kitsap Humane Society was in the midst of considerable change and turmoil.  However, one thing that hasn’t changed during the past few months is the hard work of our staff and their deep commitment to our mission of caring for animals.  Their efforts are reflected in the outstanding first quarter statistics listed above.  These accomplishments are excellent news for our community. 

Another piece of good news is that we have a plan for moving forward.  We recognize that in response to recent criticism from the community, including many of our supporters, we need to work to restore confidence and trust in KHS.  To do so, we’ve developed a 7-point plan for moving forward: 

1)    Diversifying, expanding and transforming the board from eight people to 15 people to better represent the community we serve.  
2)    Building a stronger board-staff partnership, with greater board involvement at the shelter and more staff involvement with the board.  
3)    Establishing a Community Advisory Council, with representation from staff, board, volunteers and donors to ensure strong, diverse input into management and board decisions. 
4)    Reporting back to the community the findings of the special audit, which we recently ordered in response to public input, and then implementing recommended changes from that audit.
5)    Expanding outreach to our stakeholders and seeking increased donor support from the community to sustain the critical increases in services that are making it possible to adopt out more animals and keep our euthanasia rates among the lowest in the country. We also will better tell the story of how donor funds are used to support and enhance our mission.
6)    Expanding our volunteer program, as KHS relies heavily on volunteers (the equivalent of at least 10 full-time staff) to help care for the animals.  
7)    Instilling a culture of accountability, openness and partnership at all levels of the organization. 

We have a great organization and I am honored to be working here in this interim role.  We value and welcome your feedback and support as we move forward. 


Eric Stevens
Interim Executive Director