Tiny Dog Rescue and Blind Dog Haven needs help!

November 16, 2011

With 180 or so animals on our doorstep, we each felt the incredible excitement and togetherness during this last major rescue operation. The moon was full, folks were tired, and loads of helping hands showed up from far away. Most of these folks had not worked with us before! Don’t worry, this email is not to announce more animals are coming into the shelter 🙂 With the community so responsive to the needs of our animals in a tough time, we wish to give thanks by now assisting a sister agency needing community support. Please help us spread this email request! Tiny Dog Rescue and Blind Dog Haven have contacted us to relay that they are expecting a large influx of animals needing temporary resting spots. These dogs have not had much compassionate care and are searching for a helping hand. Can you or somebody you know offer a quick foster for a 2 pound dog? Dixie the founder of the rescue and haven not only helps blind dogs but also teaches blind children. If ever there was a time to return generosity to the community, this current need now is a very worthy cause. Not all the dogs are blind, many just need to be in your lap. Trust me, I never thought I would be a small dog person but they really changed me. Does this compete with KHS or other community needs or animals? No way, the more we give the more it returns. When we need help, our community responds. Please consider opening your arms for 2 pounds of love in need of help, we promise they won’t take up much space! Please contact Dixie at: 360-447-8389 Dixie@tinydogrescue.org