We love you Rex!

September 7, 2011

“A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.” – The Wizard of Oz

Rex, a seven year old mixed breed canine, must have an amazing heart. He spends each and every day at the customer service desk looking for his forever home. He wags his tail, he waves, he sits quietly, and he exhibits his best behavior. Rex is very well loved here at the Kitsap Humane Society. We wonder each and every day how he is overlooked by potential adopters as he sits patiently waiting. And Rex has been patiently waiting since March….

He story is long. 6 months long. Rex came to us in March with his best friend Ruby, a pit bull. This bonded pair was separated upon intake, and Ruby didn’t do well. She made a barricade and hid behind her bed. She was withdrawn and sad. It was then decided that the two be placed together in a joined kennel. Ruby was happy again, but it became a challenge for them to be adopted together.

They were protective of each other and barked at other dogs. They were hard to get out of the kennels together. It was thought that they were related because of the way Rex protected Ruby. These dogs loved each other and we wanted them to find a home together. We created a love story about them, came up with promotions to get them adopted together, but here they sat. And then Ruby became sick. Ruby started having small seizures and as a volunteer was walking her one day, she ran into a wall. We all became worried and our vet services department began watching her. Ruby became worse and we all knew it was her time to cross the rainbow bridge. With Rex at her side and her KHS family gathered around she received lots of love and her favorite treat – peanut butter.

The sorrow exhibited by Rex was heartbreaking. He was brought up to the customer service desk and given a job to do. He became our greeter, and within a few days he flourished. Rex feels so much love from each and every employee and volunteer here daily. He smiles and waves at people as they come in. Dressed in his “Adopt Me” vest and wearing his orange bandana he quietly sits and waits. We love you Rex. You have an incredible heart. We know someone will fall in love with you soon.

~Heather Kite, Animal Welfare Coordinator