ASPCA Challenge Update

September 20, 2011

Great news everybody! We’re about to surpass our amazing September 2010 adoption performance and the euthanasia rate continues to drop. Since May 2009 KHS has been battling to lower euthanasia and increase the compassionate care of our companions. Last year was a tough year to beat but so far we are doing an amazing job. Thanks to our team our euthanasia rate has plummeted to an even lower rate when we thought even 6% was low. We’re now at a record 5.04% euthanasia which as you know surpasses the no-kill definition of 6% while never having to use that tagline! Most amazingly, this was done during our highest record month for animals admitted by individuals in the last couple years AND more stray animals recovered than 2010. This is especially admirable for an agency that serves as the animal control authority for a region our size. Keep up the great work and let’s push on the ASPCA Challenge! Rescue Rehabilitate Rehome