The ASPCA Challenge: Rescue, Right Click, Rehome

August 10, 2011

Who would have thought a simple email or your Facebook account could save lives? Perhaps we’re asking the wrong audience this. You after all are responsible for a revolution in the way animal welfare is practiced: bringing shelters into the digital age. So, what have we accomplished? Well, thanks to you KHS is one of the top shelters nationwide selected to participate in the ASPCA Challenge, sharing amazing company. This was thanks purely to the efforts of those online and using social media. Thank you! If that were not enough, you also helped KHS reach both the highest record adoptions ever done in a single day, and beat the record for the highest number of adoptions in one week. We’ve been around since 1908, so that’s no small deal! You’ve also shared the amazing news with friends, you’ve “Liked” what you’ve seen on Facebook. This caught the attention of people everywhere. The ASCPA Challenge is a great push to save lives nationally, and our little shelter is performing on the level of shelters with four times our budget. You can believe there are shelters just like us, facing the same issues, that see this and believe that they too can improve their region against all odds. You inpsire. We can win the Challenge. It’s important not to say we’re the best, or for the simple sake of winning. Each one of us knows in our heart that the Challenge is pushing us to save more lives than ever before in our region, and each one of us knows how desperately our shelter needs the prize awards in order to rebuild our aging kennel. This is what we’re fighting for. We want to win for our animals going into homes, and for those we care for because they deserve it. Keep pushing KHS, let’s make some more history! Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome.