Crisis with King County Law Changes

August 4, 2011

Sadly, if you have seen the news you know another pit bull made headlines for a bite attack while hundreds of equally serious bites made by dogs of other breeds missed the news. Clearly, the pit bull in question does not meet the breed requirements of being a true pit bull. If you didn’t know, by nature a true pit bull will NEVER bite a human, for the simple reason that they were selected during breeding to produce dogs that never bit the handlers or referee in a fight ring. It’s the same reason bloodhounds track scent so well, and why livestock guardian dogs can be dangerous around visitors to your property. The problem for Kitsap County is that for years we have cleaned up the mess created by the King County pit bull situation. Indeed, folks who are required to register their animals as potentially dangerous are on record indicating that they were encouranged by citing officials to bring their animal to Kitsap County! (Because they can move here undetected yet commute to the urban areas) Donors and taxpayers in Kitsap should not bear the cost of cleaning up these situations. Let’s say no to King County and insist dangerous animal situations are better tracked and handled locally, rather than encouraging people to move out of sight and out of mind!