Adopted Companion Caught in the Act

August 30, 2011

What’s not to like during the ASPCA Challenge? We want to do this every year from now on because it’s been such an incredible experience. We caught one of our friends in the act recently and wanted to see if anybody else has caught somebody in the act? Folks comment we are busier than they have ever seen, they feel great, and our team is buzzing with excitement. There’s no place like home, and thanks to your help we are uniting happy families with their purrfect companion. (woof!) The happiest part for our team is hearing all the amazing adoption tails you have shared. *wag* We especially notice how proud each of you are for choosing to Adopt and not Shop. Even better though we hear some truly inspiring tails *wag wag* We caught up with one of our great friends at the Kitsap County Fair. Doug was visiting our booth and sharing stories of his Amazing Adopted Service Cat. (some of you may remember Doug well from the famous First Friday Art Walk/Cat Walk event thrown annually by the Amy Burnett Art Gallery) Short story: Doug’s companion is not only the smartest cat around and adopted from KHS, he’s Doug’s fully trained service cat able to recognize the most minute changes in Doug’s internal blood chemistry. Not bad for a day job that pays catnip! He actually outperforms most dogs apparently, so… We want to hear from you, please. Do you have any adopted companions caught in the act of outsmarting or outperforming another species? (besides Honor Students) Send us an email or hit our Facebook page, we especially love hearing about the underdogs! Doug’s story is hard to beat; we forgot to mention a story involving a typewriter but hey that’s for another blog.