The Holiday Spirit

December 23, 2010

I was feeling a big rushed and stressed out this evening when I came home from work. I am not done with Christmas shopping, family members have been sick, I have a bunch of extra work to do at home this evening, etc. etc. I decided to sit down at the computer and see what was going on with our KHS Facebook community. Lo and behold the following is what I found…

  • A bunch of fun questions and even funnier answers. KHS fans can be quite witty!
  • An update on our girl, Scarlet, stating that while she is not completely out of the woods yet, she is gaining weight!

  • Pictures of Shay from her new family. This beautiful girl was at the shelter for so long and to see her sleeping in her Mom’s lap got me teary.


  • A picture of Whoopi in her adoptive home. Whoopi was another KHS longtimer from this past year. I absolutely ADORE seeing these updates!

  • A picture of donations made by residents of Bainbridge Island at the local movie theater!

These examples are just a small portion of the amazing things going on all around us at any given moment.  So now, instead of moaning about everything that is going wrong and as I think about what I am doing with my time here on this earth, I can be happy and proud.

I volunteer my time at a place that can be stressful, sad, loud and smelly. At the same time, I volunteer at a place where hope reigns. These pictures of dogs and cats that most would say never had a chance, proves that there truly is a place for just about everyone.

Seeing the generosity of people during a time when everyone has less proves that there are more good people out there than bad. Please continue to make a difference for the animals in our community.  Please continue to send these inspiring pictures and updates!  Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Molly T.