Time for thought on rainy days!

October 27, 2010

My kennel mates and I try to bark the loudest when we see someone come through the door. Today I think I barked the loudest since I was walked twice and got played with. Yesterday and the day before I was not so lucky. In the last few days the rain kept people away and no one came over to walk us. I danced and held my pee and poo as long as I could but it was hard and at the end I had to go in my kennel. A great lady saw this and came by right away to clean it up but did not walk me. She leaned down and told me that a volunteer would come by later to take me out but no one showed up. Rainy days seem to have this affect. I wish they knew that rain or shine I NEED TO GO! Although the people here at the shelter are great, I wish I had more potty breaks, more walks, more play time. Wonder where all those people in blue shirts have gone? Seems like on rainy days I have more time to think and dream about what my life will be like if I had a home. I dream of long walks, fetching a ball or a stick on the beach. I dream of belly rubs and treats just because I look cute. I dream of early morning cuddles and late night snuggles. I dream of being good so they can keep me forever. As I listen to the rain outside I wonder who out there will brave the weather and come take me for a walk and stroke my face and tell me that all will be fine. I wonder if today someone will take me home. I wonder so many things. Mostly on a rainy day I wonder if I will be taken out for a walk and a very much needed potty break. Rainy days are a time to reflect on how my life will be once I am found by my new family. I know I will make a great pet and that rain or shine I will be loved Thoughts from Kennel #17