Adoption Story: Akirah

September 17, 2010

There are so many amazing animals that walk through our doors each and every day. Every once in a while though, there is a truly special one that captures the hearts of staff and volunteers-Akirah is one of those dogs. Akirah is a gorgeous blue/grey American PitBull Terrier who ended up at the shelter as a stray back in 2009. After months of waiting for someone to take her home, Akirah was becoming despondent. Even so, she continued to charm volunteers and animal care staff with her silliness and tennis ball chasing prowess. Watching Akirah’s amazing acrobatics in the play yard was a sight to behold. She loved to zoom around and would lead you right to the ball basket in case you didn’t know what you were doing. Akirah had an exuberance and strength of character that would eventually land her in a home-we hoped. She was a “Great 8 Dog” which means she was one of the dogs that had been at the shelter the longest. Because of that status, she landed a profile on Dogster, a sort of Facebook for dogs. This profile started a whole new chapter in Akirah’s life! Jaclyn Ponther and her husband, Donovan, were perusing the Dogster profiles and happened upon a picture of a certain APBT named…you guessed it! Akirah! They contacted the KHS contact for Dogster and asked about our lovely girl. The Ponthers came all the way from Seattle to meet Akirah and needless to say, it was a match made in heaven. Akirah now enjoys a life of luxury as the only dog in a loving home. She has playdates, walks outside, car rides, spa days and tons of love in her new home. Akirah is living proof that there is someone for just about everybody! Jaclyn and her husband are also proof that with time, attention and a lot of love, even the dogs that we think are “unadoptable” can be the BEST pets! Take a chance and you too could meet the canine love of your life. A NOTE FROM JACLYN, AKIRAH’S MOM: “My friend’s little boy calls her Kira because he can’t say her name properly but we mostly call her Baby girl and Babies. Her favorite thing to do is play with squeaker/ tennis balls and going for rides in the car with us. Donovan taught her how to give kisses. Finding her has meant the world to us! She has helped me so much-just the sight of her brightens my day, she is always so happy to see us. She’s our world now. I don’t think I could imagine our life with out her. Adopting from KHS was so nice. All the staff were so friendly! Everyone wanted to hug us as we were leaving with Akirah. They were so happy that she found her forever home! We still can’t figure out why she was there so long. She has the most personality I have ever seen in a dog! Every day is and adventure with her, she is so spunky! When we adopted her on Nov. 5th 2009 we were told that she was unfriendly to other dogs, however she has proved that wrong with just a little work. She has had 3-4 play dates now. It takes a little time each time but she is doing so good now! We walk through Pet Smart all the time to help adjust her to other dogs. And I think she can read because she knows when were pulling up to the store! She gets so excited! Pretty soon we are going to be putting her in classes to help her calm down when meeting new dogs. I don’t think I could ever thank you Molly and the rest of the staff at KHS for posting Akirah online for me to find!”