Is there really a connection between animal cruelty and domestic violence or other types of human violence?

August 17, 2010

Taken from American Humane Association for education purposes: Numerous studies have shown a strong connection of this type of violence, and children who engage in acts of cruelty often graduate to violence against other children if not stopped. Following are some statistics on domestic violence and animal cruelty: Battered Women: 71% of abused women report that their batterers have threatened to hurt/kill their pets and have done so. 32% of battered women with children report that their children have hurt or killed pets. 25%-48% of battered women delay leaving an abusive situation for fear of what will happen to her pet if left behind. 40% of battered women report that they have been forced to participate in sexual acts with animals as part of their domestic terrorization. Sex Offenders: 48% of rapists have committed acts of animal cruelty as children or adolescents. 30% of child molesters have committed acts of animal cruelty as children or adolescents 15% of all active rapists also rape animals. Child Abuse: 80% of homes in which animal control agencies found abused/neglected pets there had been previous investigations by child welfare agencies of physical abuse and neglect.