Pit N’ Kit Sponsored Adoption Special

May 2, 2010

Thanks to a generous donor, adoption fees have been waived for adult cats (3yrs +) and preselected pit bulls until our donation dollars have been depleted. This is a limited time, first come first serve offer. Adult cats and pit bulls account for the largest population of homeless shelter pets; therefore, Kitsap Humane Society is offering our resources to adopters who are as committed to the cause of finding forever homes for shelter pets as we are and who share in the love and interest of saving the “All American Dog.”


Pit bulls have been considered the All American Dog in the early days of the US and remained a prominent part of our culture. The USA admired the breed for qualities that were reflected in itself; friendly, brave, hardworking and worthy of respect. They have a powerful work drive and desire to please their owners, but have a soft side displayed in gushing affection for humans.


Kitsap Humane Society is offering additional resources to adopters of our pre-selected pit bulls to ensure these pit bulls remain as ambassadors of the breed and within our community. Pit bulls suffer from being popular dogs affected by limited community resources in terms of pet care and training. They end up in shelters for the same reasons that afflict most shelter animals. Most of them, if not for the stigma, would be considered good candidates for adoption. Sadly, their “brand” has made them an unpopular dog among many people who are likely to adopt a shelter animal. It is for this reason Kitsap Humane Society is requiring a $100 deposit that will be refunded once the adopter attends KHS’s free Doglish class as well as a free 3 week training class taught at Kitsap Humane Society or a training course of their choice (individual institution fees will apply). Also included with our pit bull adoptions are free pit kits, private one-on-one training sessions and phone consultations.


Stop by KHS to view our animals in need of a forever home. Please note adoption fees are waived for pre-selected pit bulls but licensing fees are not. We are looking for adopters who have an interest in spending the necessary time and training required for these animals, preferably a large yard for exercise and for some a one dog only home. Pit bulls are wonderful family dogs if properly trained, socialized and managed.