Euthanasia Rate Falls Again!

April 15, 2010

Once again thanks to skilled and compassionate teams, our euthanasia rate has fallen. Year to date, we are at 5%! This is in comparison to a rate of 47% in 2004, which settled to 24% for the next several years and continued. We anxiously await kitten season and its impact meanwhile, as the fight is not over. We do know however that for the first time, our directors are committed to animal socialization, and play a hands-on role directly with our animals. As a result we saved Angelica just today into a forever home for example, after our Animal Control team provided her therapy in their office. Volunteers are now treated with respect, as valued partners in our programs. Employees are trained and trusted in a team environment, with their input shaping our vision. Please come in to see how things have changed! We utilize the Lean system for operational efficiency, and proactively seek move on to rebuild a humane society. Thank you Kitsap!