Advisory: Dog & Puppy Kennels Closed to Public

KHS has one dog that has tested positive with the Canine Influenza virus. Unfortunately, this means all dogs in the shelter at the time of diagnosis have potentially been exposed to this virus and may be currently infected.

Weekly Kennel Visit

Sunday night at the shelter.

 A bit of advice for watching this video; Lower your volume but keep your eyes wide open as this is heart melting good.

Stay tuned for huge shelter announcement soon. (Shhhhh! Hint: Our fabulous Feline Condos are almost ready)

Video by Molly Timko

Kennels on a Sunday Afternoon

If you haven't been to our shelter lately here is a bit of a peek.

Many improvements have been made to our shelter in the last few years to insure that our homeless pets are more comfortable in their stay with us.

Looking for volunteers with education experience

KHS is establishing exciting new projects within classrooms and is interested in speaking with folks already certified in the education industry. We are asking for any volunteers employed or with experience as educators to help us.

We need assistance connecting with schools, writing curricula and brainstorming new ideas. Please send contact information if interested to:

Scarlet's Recovery

Scarlet was returned to KHS almost a month ago. We are happy to share she is now at 37 lbs.! After being starved to near death and left tied to a tree, her original weight at admission was 28 lbs: approximately half of her targeted body weight.

Our shelter vet is targeting 45 lbs but reports Scarlet is now happily and safely eating as if she were a 70 lb dog. Once at full health, Scarlet will be in need of some dental work for her continued care.

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