Please keep voting for KHS!

Thanks to everyone for supporting us. You can vote every day until April 15. Please help us go to the ASPCA $100k Challenge.

Would you recognize animal cruelty?

Cruelty to animals is illegal in all 50 states and considered a felony in 44 of them, including Washington state. In Washington state, animal cruelty in the first degree is considered a Class C felony.

Thanks for your votes! Keep them coming!

WOW! Thanks for all of the response our community and abroad has given Kitsap Humane Society. I saw tons of reposts and retweets urging friends, family and co-workers to vote for our shelter. We received 464 votes and are in 19th place. Your support is very humbling and we are just getting started!

Voting for the ASPCA $100K Challenge is on now

We need you to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE everyday starting today until April 15 to help KHS stay in the running for this year’s ASPCA $100K Challenge. 
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