Guess who is in need of a home?

We are proud to announce that Scarlet has made a full recovery and is in search of her new family. Scarlet has been renamed Letty in honor of her new life. The name Letty in Latin means "joy and footloose." It describes both her personality, spirit for life and the joy she will bring and find with her new family.

Do you have an emergency plan for your pet?

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Storms, Floods, Power outages, Fires, these can happen at anytime. Are you prepared?

Do you have a plan for your pets in case of a natural disaster or any emergency?

First and foremost: Put your pets in your will. Be sure to let  family and friends know to take care of them in case you perish or are not able to care for them anymore.

Clearwater Casino Check Presentation

Thank you to Clearwater Casino! KHS was the beneficiary of their January promotion “What’s your dream?” We asked you to post pictures of your sleeping pets on their Facebook page and each week, Clearwater selected two winners (the cutest sleeping pets). For each winner, KHS received $150. Here is our executive director, Sean Compton accepting our $1,200 check from Clearwater Casino.

A very big THANK YOU to the sailors of the USS Nimitz!

The USS Nimitz had a team of 30+ visit the shelter on Saturday and they helped us with various projects.


Photos of a happy Scarlet

Here is an update on Scarlet from her foster mom:


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