Barbie has been waiting for you since May!

Hi! My name is Barbie (Intake # 36737) and I’m a playful, smart, people-loving Chihuahua mix with a swagger in my step and a zest for life. It’s puzzling to me and shelter staff and volunteers why I’ve been waiting for my forever home since early May! I’m such a great catch. I’ll even provide you with hours of entertainment. Give me toys and I will play catch all by myself, tossing them in the air and chasing them. I love attention and belly rubs too. I also seem to like other dogs. Visit me and ask to take me to the play yard so you can see just how wonderful I am.

Pumpkin says, "Pick me, Pick me!"

Hi! My name is Pumpkin (Intake # 35931) and I’m a sweet fellow who was surrendered to the shelter because my former family member was allergic to me. So now I wait for a new family to pick me. I’m about 10 years old, but full of pep and pizzazz! I’m a real beauty and my name is so fitting. My best feature is my long tail with raccoon-style stripes. And you can’t miss my bright green eyes! I’m affectionate, friendly and I like attention. I respond to visitors with purrs. I would love a sunny window to lounge in and a loving lap to nap in. Won’t you consider a boy like me?

Peyton is our Pet of the Week

Hi! My name is Peyton (Intake # 35576) and I’ve been waiting for quite some time for someone to pick me. I’ve been at the shelter since March! I’m not sure why I’m still here. I’m a good dog and super cute too. I have the silliest wispy-type hair that sometimes makes me look like a Muppet. I love to play ball and I get along with other small dogs – at least female ones. I’ve played with several here at Kitsap Humane Society with no problems. I love going for walks and I’m great on a leash. If you are looking for a new walking, playing and snuggling companion – I’m your guy!

Ruby is your gal!

Hi! My name is Ruby (Intake # 35816) and I’m a sweet Calico girl with a little pep in my step. I was not a happy camper in my kennel, but now that I’m roaming free in the Annex which houses several staff members’ offices, I couldn’t be happier. I go from office to office, visiting and receiving lots of love. One of my favorite spots is sunning in a window or spreading out on a staff member’s desk. I seek attention and I’m very loving, but true to my Calico self, I can get a little over stimulated, so I need a home with no small children. I’m also not a fan of other cats or dogs.

Check out Chito!

Hi! My name is Chito (Intake # 35846) and I’m a young guy looking for new digs! I traveled all the way from a high-kill shelter in California to find my forever home here in Kitsap County. I’m very quiet, well-behaved and loving. I enjoy going for walks and exploring the trails around the shelter, but I’d love to go on walks with you. I have a ton of amazing qualities, plus good looks to boot! My legs seem a little long for my body and I have a tiny nose - all the better to snuggle you with. Summer is just around the corner and I’d love to spend the sunny days together.

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