Golden girl Penelope is waiting for you

Hi! My name is Penelope (Intake # 41435) and I’m a pleasantly plump older brindle girl with a great smile and funny ears. I was picked up as a stray in early November, but I was clearly someone’s loved pet as I’m used to the comforts of home. I’m housetrained and I love going for walks – I wag my tail the whole way! Even though I have a graying muzzle, I’m very playful and still have plenty of pep in my step. I’m a bit of a talker, so a home where I can be vocal is best. I would love to go places with you and explore with you by my side.

Feral or Stray?

You notice a cat roaming your neighborhood, and you don't recognize him as a neighbor's pet. What should you do? That depends on whether he is a feral cat or a stray pet. Feral cats should be treated differently than strays, for both your safety and the cats’ well-being.

Port Orchard Feral Cats: How You Can Help

We've all seen them -- free-roaming cats, outdoors, in all kinds of weather. Sometimes they are solitary strays, but often they gather together in feral cat colonies, taking advantage of food sources such as dumpsters. In Port Orchard feral cat numbers are growing: There may be as many as 2,200 un-owned outdoor cats within the 98366 zip code area alone! To combat this growing problem, Kitsap Humane Society now has a free spay/neuter program to help humanely reduce the number of feral cats in Port Orchard, while improving the health and quality of life of those remaining.

Velvet has been waiting for you for 6 months!

Hi! My name is Velvet (Intake # 35324) and I have a beautiful black coat and bright yellow eyes. My coat is so soft and velvety! The volunteers love petting it. I’ve been waiting for almost six months for someone to pick me! I was first adopted in February, but returned in June because my family was moving out of the country. I’m currently roaming in the kitty lounge at the shelter, but I sure would like a home of my own. I like people and I’m friendly and love to have visitors. I get along with other kitties too.

Sadie wants to be home for the holidays

Hi! My name is Sadie (Intake # 21995) and I’m looking for a true forever home! I’m a beautiful, smart, loving black Labrador Retriever mix. I’ve already been through a lot in my short life and now I need a loving human who will commit to love me. I’ve ended up back at Kitsap Humane Society a few times because my previous owners were unable to keep me and my sister safely contained. I was then adopted, but returned because I didn’t get along with other dogs at the park or those who came over for visits.

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