Free Spay/Neuter Program for Community Cats Extended

June 22, 2015

Port Orchard, WA –Kitsap Humane Society’s program to provide free spay/neuter for outdoor feral cats in the Port Orchard area will now run through November and include the 98367 zip code. An extension of a grant from PetSmart Charities® means the Community Cats program will no longer end in July or be limited to just the 98366 zip code.


The program aims to prevent unwanted litters of kittens, improve the health of community cats, and decrease the noise, marking, roaming and aggressiveness associated with un-altered male cats. The program provides loaner traps, volunteer training, neighborhood canvassing, animal transportation assistance, and free veterinary services – including a physical exam, spay or neuter surgery, rabies vaccine, and “ear tip” (to prevent re-trapping). Kittens and socialized adults can be placed in new homes, and healthy un-socialized cats are returned to their original outdoor habitat after surgery.


Anyone with information about outdoor and/or feral cats in the Port Orchard area, or who is interested in volunteering for the Community Cats program, is asked to contact Kitsap Humane Society at To find out more, visit


Kitsap Humane Society is a private, nonprofit, charitable organization that has been caring for animals in need since 1908.  KHS admits more than 5,000 animals per year and has one of the highest lives saved rates in the US.  KHS’ vision is that every adoptable companion animal has a home.  For more information, visit  Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome.