Surrendering Your Pet

Kitsap Humane Society realizes that the decision to surrender your pet can be difficult. KHS accepts dogs, cats, and most types of household pets surrendered by appointment only.

If you are considering giving up your pet due to behavior issues, we recommend that surrender to the shelter be a last resort, since those issues can be a barrier to adoption at the shelter. Many unwanted behaviors can be corrected, enabling pets to remain with their families. Toileting issues, “mouthiness,” certain types of food and toy guarding, and many other troublesome behaviors are relatively easy to treat or manage if you know how. If you would like information about training or other solutions for keeping your pet, please visit ASPCA

Need to surrender an animal?


To make an appointment to surrender your pet, please contact or (360) 692-6977, ext. 1123.



To expedite your visit you can complete some of the required paperwork ahead of time and bring it with you to the shelter. Please provide as much detailed information about your pet’s personality and history – this information is very helpful for finding your pet a new home.

Owner Surrender Dog Profile 

Owner Surrender Cat Profile



Arrive for your appointment on time with your pet safely contained, either on leash or in a carrier. Please come prepared to your appointment with any/all medical records for your pet and your photo ID. Pets with medical conditions that arrive without vet records may be asked to reschedule their appointment.



All pets being surrendered are given a short behavior and medical assessment. Occasionally, animals are brought in for surrender that shelter staff determines are either too sick or too dangerous to adopt out. If your pet does not meet the medical and behavior qualifications for the adoption program, staff will discuss other rehoming options or offer humane euthanasia services.



KHS charges a per-animal surrender fee in order to cover the costs of caring for your pet until it is adopted, including food, cleaning, vaccinations and medical care. Payment types accepted are cash and major credit cards only.

Surrender Prices

 Age AlteredUnalteredOut Of County
Senior (10+ Years)
 $100$125Additional $25
Older Adult (7-10 Years)$80$100Additional $25
 Adult (6 Months +)$60$85No Additional Fee
Kitten/Puppy (Under 6 Months)$0$0No Additional Fee
Pocket Pets $75$75Not Available
Low Income (with Proof)50% off50% off50% off

Litter Abatement Program

Through the Litter Abatement Program, owners whose cat or dog has recently had a litter can qualify for free surrender and free spay/neuter. KHS offers FREE spay surgery for any female dog or cat whose offspring (puppies or kittens) are surrendered to the shelter for our adoption program, and surrender fees are waived for the offspring. Puppies and kittens must be weaned and of adoption age (at least 8-10 weeks old). 

Schedule your free Surrender and Spay/Neuter appointments by contacting us at or (360) 692-6977, ext. 1123.